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Good Day Your Highness!

I am so glad you're here!
My dear Lady, YOU came to the right place. No matter if you are very new or already possess a "Crown for Every Gown", please take a look at our hand-picked selection of gorgeous locks in our collection pages: "MCXXIII", "The Royal Crowns", "The Empress Crowns" and "Tiaras". 

Yes, Your Highness, we know you have a choice, so in order to better serve you, we are here to assist you right from the start ...
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The Mission Of The Realm

Hair is the crown of every woman. Our motto “A Crown For Every Queen” expresses our belief that every woman IS a queen. Indeed my Lady, here in “Arwendayle” we want to help every queen to become a happier, more confident version of herself. Noblesse oblige; with privilege comes responsibility, so we want you to get it “right” from the start and offer individual audiences via Email, Zoom or FaceTime before you purchase.

We are so glad you're here! Welcome and Enjoy!