Good Day Your Highness!

Welcome to our Realm of Crowns (Wigs) and Tiaras (Toppers).
Thank you for visiting my dear Lady, you came to the right place. No matter if you already possess a "Crown for Every Gown", or are very, very new, please take a look at our hand-picked selection of gorgeous locks in our collection pages: "MCXXIII", "The Royal Crowns", "The Empress Crowns" and "Tiaras". Yes, Your Highness, we know you have a choice, so in order to better serve you, we are here to assist you right from the start.

“Arwendayle” is a spiritual realm where we strive to assist every woman to look and feel like the Queen she already is. There are endless reasons to wear a crown or a tiara. Maybe you have or are in the process of losing your hair due to an illness or medical side effects. Maybe your hair is thinning due to age or hormonal changes. Maybe you have never been blessed with beautiful hair.
And maybe you just want to change your style or hair color
without potentially damaging your bio hair.

Many of us spend a small (or not so small) fortune on our appearances: gowns, jewelry, age defiant remedies and the faithful reoccurring visit to the lady or lord who attends to our locks. And what can ruin a well prepared for or joyfully anticipated attendance anywhere as much as a “bad hair day”?

So please allow me to ask you: How important is your hair to you? If you already love your hair I am truly happy for you, but please stay, my Lady! You might be interested in some of our designer colors and styles that allow you to express your personality for special occasions or to change to a different, exciting color you don’t wish to commit to for an extended period of time.

You will love our luxury product and appreciate the CORE of our company, the very essence of Arwendayle’s soul, the reason why we are here in the first place:


Here we treat you like the Queen you already are. Allow us to be part of your journey to become a happier and more confident version of yourself.

Yes, true beauty comes from within. Alas, we are not in charge of this; however, we can enhance your quality of life in your own skin and in your dealings with others, the people in your life now and the many people in your future.

Honestly, there is a lot that can go wrong at first. If your first crown is the wrong one, chances are you won’t try again. That’s why we urge you to take advantage of our consultation before you buy.

Please take advantage of this service. We offer FREE one-on-one FaceTime, Zoom or What’sApp consultations to discuss your individual circumstances, your goals and to find the hair that best suits YOU. Yes, we do offer returns; however, we prefer to avoid them and give you a wonderful experience right from the start!

Hair is wonderful.
Hair is fun!
Hair is for everyone.
For every Queen.
For YOU!