We strongly recommend taking advantage of our offer for a FREE video consultation. This is not an opportunity for us to give you a sales pitch, rather we would like to give you valuable advised based on your unique situation and background. We want to make sure you are happy with your first crown from our kingdom and gladly take the time to advise and get to know you. “Noblesse oblige”, my lady, I am sure you heard of it.


Transferring Your Crowns by Royal Cargo:

Please be advised that we are not a manufacturer of crowns, therefore we do not store a huge inventory of crowns in our castle. Within a few hours of receiving your order, we make sure the crown of your choice is in stock and then submit an obligatory order to the manufacturer. If you retract your order, before we submit it to the manufacturer, there is no charge or cancellation fee. If your order was already processed by the manufacturer, we are kindly asking for a $40 restocking fee – the exact same amount we are charged by the manufacturer.

We will receive your crown within 3-4 business days. Shipping from the manufacturer to our castle is on us. 

Once we receive your crown from the manufacturer, we make sure your crown is in pristine condition and get the package ready for you. Your crown will be on its way the following business day with the shipping method you chose and paid for, unless we made an exception for you.



You will receive your crown with the shipping provider and shipping speed you selected.



  • You are importing goods from overseas. Please understand you will be paying VAT (tax) for your country at the time of delivery:
    • Germany: 19% VAT
    • Austria: 20% VAT
    • Customs are about 2.25/2.5% (please check with your local authorities)
  • We currently offer two choices for shipping:

Expect your crown to arrive within 20-25 calendar days from the time your crown left our kingdom in Colorado. Custom delays are rare but possible and we have no control over the shipment and cannot be held responsible for delays or any inconvenience caused by your local authorities or shipping providers.

You will receive a tracking number, but please be advised that it is not as detailed and not always up-to-date.

  • UPS:

You have a few choices of speed with UPS. Your crown can arrive as quickly as 2-3 business days or in 4-5 business days.
When you sign up at you can create an account and follow the shipment. As soon as your crown made it through customs, you may pay your VAT (taxes) and custom fees online. Please make sure that someone will be at home at the time of your royal delivery.



Eligible Reasons for Returns:

  • You received the wrong crown or the wrong color – You will receive a full refund of your crown and any and all shipping fees
  • You decided within 5 days of receiving your crown that you absolutely do not want to keep it because it either does not fit or you simply do not like it, you may return your crown in its original packaging, with the label still attached and in its original condition (i.e. you did not brush or use any product on your crown)
  • You have only tried your crown, but did not wear it

Return Process and Policy:

  • If you took advantage of the free video consultation there will be no restocking fee or cancellation charge
  • If you did not take advantage of the free video consultation, you will be charged a $40 restocking fee
  • You need to make your wish to return known by email within 5 days of receipt of your crown
  • Once the eligibility of your return was confirmed, you will be provided with an address in Germany to return your crown to
  • As soon as your crown was received, inspected and approved for the return, we will provide you with a GIFT CODE for an exchange crown in the amount you paid for the crown.

Please be advised that we cannot refund you for VAT, shipping, or customs. We cannot refund you for money we did not receive. We will be able to send you the exchange crown as a gift since you already paid for VAT and the original crown will be restocked in our offices. Therefore you will not be charged VAT a second time, unless on the difference of value in case the exchange crown is more expensive than the original crown ordered. However, custom fees might still apply.