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Measuring for your Crown

This is how you measure for your Raquel Welsh crowns.

Premiere am 16.7.2023

Die Premiere von zwei neuen Herstellern und unserem brandneuen Onlineshop. LIVE auf Facebook.

We are happy to present nine gorgeous crowns (wigs) in eight beautiful colors by Belle Tress from our collection: "The Royal Crowns".

Dolce & Dolce 18 is a lovely crown. She is classy, elegant and will shine and impress on any occasion.

We call our wigs "crowns" because we feel that every woman IS a queen and hair is the crown of every woman. This is a beautiful addition to our collection "ROYAL CROWNS". Absolutely gorgeous, playful and light: CITRUS MINT in one of our bestselling colors: "English Toffee".

We are so proud to introduce the newest crown in our collection MCXXIII:
"Ygritte" in the color "Tiger Eye".

TROPICAL PUNCH in "Champagne with Apple Pie". One of our most popular long style crowns in "The Royal Crowns" collection.

"Avalon" in the color "Moonstone".

Crowns of Arwendayle: MCXXIII Collection: Yara in "Wynter"