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Belle Tress

City Roast

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Youthful, yet very sophisticated and intellectual, this Queen enjoys deep conversations, culture and the arts. She knows everything about history, my lady, and most likely you will find her in the library or taking long walks with her closest friends. She is no fuss and not one for big balls and spectacles, but appreciates the deeper and more meaningful joys of life. But don't be fooled, she is not all serious, she loves to entertain her friends, travel to new places and teach the little ones who love her dearly.

Cafe Colors and Description

Color Shown: Roca Margarita Blonde, Champagne with Apple Pie, Bombshell Blonde
Special Features: Creative Lace Front (Left Part)
Fiber Type: Heat Friendly
Bangs: n/a
Side: n/a
Nape: 2.5" (6,5cm)
Back: n/a
Overall: 2.5"-9” (6,5cm - 23cm)
Weight:      3.4 oz (96 gr)
Cap Size:     Average

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