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Belle Tress

Dolce & Dolce 18

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This one! Pay attention, people of the realm, Dolce & Dolce is making her entrance! We just adore her classy look, her confidence, sweetness and charm. Her warm smile makes her ladies-in waiting, the lords, her friends and her family immediately feel appreciated by royalty, … and at ease. This one always earns a double-take and if she knows it, she doesn’t show it. Dolce & Dolce is a favorite for sure, my lady.


Color Shown: Rootbeer Float Blonde, Sumptuous Strawberry, Butterbeer Blonde
Special Features:  Creative Center Lace Front (Center Part)
Fiber Type: Heat Friendly
Side: 10"-18" (25,5cm - 45,5cm)
Nape: 12" (30,5cm)
Back: 15"-18" (12,5cm - 45,5cm)
Overall: 10"-18" (25,5cm - 45,5cm)
Weight: 5.9 oz (167 gr)
Cap Size: Average

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